La Espiga, Vegetarian Restaurant, Torremolinos


La Espiga, Av de Joan Miró, 19, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga

La Espiga is a vegetarian restaurant in the centre of Torremolinos which serves a set lunch menu every day. Thre is the choice of four courses or three courses. All the food is vegetarian but they always have a vegan option even if you can’t see it witten on the menu – you may have to ask!

The restaurant is hidden behind another restaurant so you have to look closely to find it, but that gives it the advantage of being away from traffic so if the weather allows, you can sit outside without any cars whizzing by!

The restaurant has been open for many years and you can tell they are experienced restauranteurs by the quality of the food and the way they are super helpful and knowledgeable about their dishes.

I leave you with a selection of what we ate;


Cous cous salad



Lentil Stew


Stuffed Tomato



Soya Steak with Tomato and Curry Sauce




We also had strawberries and yoghurt with biscuits and jam.

For further information: (00 34) 952 37 06 64

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One Response to La Espiga, Vegetarian Restaurant, Torremolinos

  1. Yum! I feel like you always go to the best restaurants! So much delicious food right there!

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