The Wala Room, Vegan Restaurant, Torremolinos, Spain.


The Wala Room, c/ La Toja,1, Local 7, 29620 Torremolinos, Spain.

The Wala Room is a vegan restaurant with an emphasis on raw food. It’s on a backstreet in Torremolinos away from the crowded centre and a five minute walk from the beach. It has a small indoor seating area and a larger outdoor one,  which is covered so no need to worry if it rains. It’s prettily decorated with plants and cheerful colours.


If you haven’t eaten at a raw food restaurant before you’ll probably see a lot of things on the menu which are either unfamiliar to you or you know well but definitely couldn’t be descibed as uncooked or vegan. That’s the fun of it all, trying stuff that’s totally new to you! I should also say that the food we had was absolutely delicious so you have nothing to fear. They also serve some cooked dishes to balance it all out and give you plenty of options.

We started with nachos with cheese sauce. They kindly put the jalapeños on the side, as we don’t do extra spicy! Then I had fried fish, which of course wasn’t really fish at all, served with salad and vegan tartar sauce. Javi had the Italian veggieburger (tomato and basil flavour) with chips and three homemade sauces, ketchup, mustard and veganaise. We enjoyed a mango juice and a beer with our food. We didn’t have dessert because we were quite full despite being tempted by cheesecake and apple pie.

The food was made to order, the staff were pleasant and helpful, explaing everything for newbies like us, and most importantly everything tasted great.

Here are some pics of what we ate;

imageedit_8_8187860026 - copia

Nachos with vegan “cheese”

imageedit_11_9671839587 - copia

Fried “fish” with vegan tartar sauce and salad.


Italian Style burger with chips and three sauces.

For further information;

Tel: (00 34) 951 90 91 93

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2 Responses to The Wala Room, Vegan Restaurant, Torremolinos, Spain.

  1. Yum! Another reason why I need to go to Spain! I haven’t been to raw restaurant in a long time. Definitely need to again! Thanks for reminding me how great they are 😉

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