Elemi, Vegetarian Restaurant, Estepona, Malaga Province, Spain.


Elemi, Local 3A and 2B Puertosol, Avenida del Carmen, 29680, Estepona (Opposite the Bullring).

We stopped to eat at Elemi, vegetarian restaurant on our way back home from a wedding in Cadiz. Estepona is a pretty coastal town which gets busy with tourists in the hot summer months. In fact it was one of those sultry days when we decided that we would eat there. The waitress did a fantastic job of serving everyone singlehandedly whilst accomodating everyone’s seating preferences (sun or shade or somewhere in between) and switching back and forth from Spanish to English effortlessly.

Food was freshly prepared and arrived at the table in a reasonable amount of time despite the fact that the restaurant was full. We were obviously not the only ones who enjoyed the flavourful food and pleasant service as many customers seemed to be locals.

Our meal also represented good value for money at 8’95 euros for two courses and dessert.

Here are the pictures of what we ate.


Soup of the day



Soup of the day


Quesadilla with cheddar and spinach.



For further information;

Tel: 951 273 885

Website: http://elemiwellbeing.eu/

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