El Piano, Vegan, Gluten Free Restaurant, Malaga

el piano 2

El Piano, C/ Juan de Letran, 13, 29012 Malaga, Spain

El Piano is a small vegan bar/restaurant on a hidden side street in the centre of Malaga. Like I said it’s small but it really has a bit of everything, and still manages to be vegan and gluten-free. They have a large refrigerated display cabinet with an amazing variety of options to choose from. You choose the tapas you want and they are served on a plate if you’re eating in or in a “boat” if you decide to take away. There are tables outside in the pedestrian street. Many people have said to me that vegetarian food doesn’t taste of anything or that it all tastes the same, well I can assure you that this is a great place to go to dispell that myth. The foods on offer come from different world cuisines (Indian, Italian, Latin American…) and consequently the variety of differnt flavours, tastes and textures is wonderful. Quite a few of the options are spicy so if that’s not your thing make sure you ask which of the options are spice free. The staff are friendly, helpful and well informed about the food they serve.

We went for the offer of four tapas for 5’95€. If this is your main meal you’ll probably need four tapas per person. During the week they also have a set menu but we went at the weekend… I chose potato stuffed with soya mince, corn croquettes, spicy soya mince stew and a mildly spiced pumpkin dish. My husband had a veggieburger, falafel, spaghetti with pesto and the Indian potato dish sag aloo. This also came with a side of cilantro sauce for us to share.

Drinks were not included in the offer and the total bill was 17€, which is very reasonable.

All in all a hidden gem in the heart of Malaga.

I leave you with the photos to feast your eyes on!

el piano 3

This was my food.

My husband's food.

My husband’s food.

Prices and options.

Prices and options.

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