Sweet Pesto


Sweet Pesto



So I lied, back in June (or something like that), I said it was hot, hot hot here. It wasn’t. Now it’s hot, hot, hot. I think I’m going to melt into the pavement and that’ll be it… It’s time for fruit, ice-creams, smoothies, colds soups and above all lots of water.

Sweet Pesto

This is a fun way of making of making fruit even tastier, if that’s possible! It has a refreshing, light taste. As you may (or may not) know, I used to live in Genoa, home to pesto. While this sweet version would probably have the inventors of pesto turning in their graves, I think this is a delicious way to jazz up fruit or top ice-cream.

Sweet Pesto

As my photo of ice – cream demonstrates, I couldn’t even stop it from melting in the five minutes it took to take the photo!

Sweet Pesto

Preparation Time: 5 minutes        Servings: 4                                  Cooking Time:         None                                                                        Total:                          5 minutes


35g mint leaves

25 raw pistachios

3tbsp agave nectar

a squeeze of lemon juice

lemon zest

Fruit or ice – cream to serve

Blend all the ingredients except the lemon zest in a blender. Serve with fruit or ice – cream. Top with lemon zest.


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2 Responses to Sweet Pesto

  1. A sweet pesto is such a brilliant idea. Can’t believe that never crossed my mind. Sounds absolutely delicious!

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