Pizza a la Piedra – Great Pizza in Malaga

Delicious Pizza a la piedra

Pizza a la Piedra – C/ Carreteria, 102, 29008 Malaga and C/ Mendez Nuñez, 6, (Plaza Uncibay) 29008 Malaga

Pizza a la piedra is one of those little places that are a pleasure to find. When I am too tired to cook this is where I go for a comforting pizza. (Yes, food bloggers also have days when they’re too tired to cook!).  The bases and tomato sauce are made on the premises by the mother and son team who run the two pizza restaurants. They make the pizzas to order and adjust the cooking time to your personal preference – crispy or very crispy base. There are plenty of vegetarian pizza toppings and yes they do understand what a vegetarian is. They know we don’t eat ham or prawns! The prices are very reasonable with a medium pizza costing only 6 euros and a large 10 euros with two soft drinks included. There are also offers available on a regular basis, so make sure you look at the signs to see if there’s an offer that suits you. The pizzeria in Carreteria has an upstairs seating area and seating at the bar whereas the pizzeria in Plaza Uncibay has a small outdoor seating area. Both are fantastic places to spend a little time eating a thin and crispy pizza which has been lovingly made for you! The staff are really friendly and fluent in a variety of languages including Spanish, English, French, and Arabic which give the place a wonderful international feel. So, if you’re in the Malaga area, give it a try!

Pizza coming out of the oven.

Pizza coming out of the oven.

Enjoying pizza in the sun.

Enjoying pizza in the sun.

Shop front.

Shop front.



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2 Responses to Pizza a la Piedra – Great Pizza in Malaga

  1. Megatarian says:

    drooling!! that pizza looks incredible

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