Brick a l’oeuf

Brick a l'oeuf

So a loooooong time ago I went on holiday to Tunisia. The food was good but there wasn’t much choice for vegetarians like me. One thing I remember though is eating brick a l’oeuf. It’s basically pastry with an egg in it. Brick is similar to filo pastry but you have to fry it, it doesn’t work if you bake it in the oven. This was served as an accompaniment to chick pea stew. And I always remember that it was delicious, so when they started selling “brick” in the supermarket close to where I live I knew I had to make brick a l’oeuf. This is definitely the quickest recipe you’ll ever make!

Preparation:   None                                                                  Servings: You’ll want one Cooking time: 5 minutes                                                                               of these for each     Total:                 5 minutes                                                                               person.


Brick or filo pastry

1 egg per person

olive oil

Salt to taste

Take a sheet of brick from the packet. Heat the oil in a non stick frying pan. take the sheet of pastry and fold it in half. Put the sheet of pastry into the frying pan and let it cook until crisp on the side that is down in the pan. (about 1 minute). Now turn the pastry over, open up the pastry and crack an egg into it. Put a pinch of salt on the egg. The egg and the other side of the pastry will now cook together. Cook until the pastry is crisp and the egg to your liking. We prefer the yolk to be runny so that’s what we did. Serve. This was exactly how it was given to us in Tunisia but I’m sure you could let your imagination run wild with ideas for fillings. Cheese, herbs, the list is endless.

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