Welcome and Fideúa


Hi and welcome to my blog yummyvege! So I’ll be posting yummy vegetarian recipes here whenever I can. So to start us off here is my favourite recipe, fideúa. It’s made with angel hair pasta, lots of vegggies and has a twist in the tail. Hope you enjoy it! Bon apetit!

For two people:

4 sundried tomatoes
1 sundried pepper
1 clove of garlic
a handful of parsley leaves
2 tbsp of olive oil (extra virgin)
Half an onion
Half a courgette
Half a red pepper
6 broccoli florets
Half a teaspoon of saffron
150g angel hair pasta (Fideos)
salt and pepper to taste

First put the sundried pepper and the sundried tomatoes in boiling water to hydrate.
Then dice the onion and fry it off with a pinch of sea salt. Dice the rest of the vegetables and after five minutes add them to the pan with the onion to soften. Add the saffron at this point too. While the vegetables are softening, in a blender, put the now hydrated sundried tomatoes, the sundried peppers with the seeds removed, the clove of garlic, the parsley leaves and a tablespoon of olive oil. Blend together until they form a rough paste. When the vegetables are soft but not too soft, (about ten minutes) add the angel hair pasta to the frying pan and move the pasta around to coat them in the vegetable juices, saffron and olive oil. Then add enough boiling water to cover the vegetables and pasta by about a centimetre. This should be boiled for about 3 minutes until the pasta seems ready. Add salt and pepper if necessary. Then add the sundried tomato mixture, leave on the heat for another minute. Turn the heat off and cover everything for a few minutes more. Serve and enjoy!

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